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A costume is an item that can decorate a character's appearance and increase abilities.





Each part of the costume has its own ability. If you have not selected your costume ability yet, you can select the ability for one of the parts.





The set effect can be applied when wearing the same type of costume for parts 3, 6, and 9.





The costume can be equipped in the [Basic Costume] slot where abilities can be applied or the [Appearance Costume] slot where only the appearance can be applied.


If an appearance costume is not equipped, the default costume will be displayed. If you do not wish to display your costume, you must uncheck the Wear Costume slot. When the Appearance Costume slot is unchecked, the default costume will be displayed.


[Unlock Appearance Costume Ticket] must be used to equip the appearance costume.You can purchase this item at K-SHOP (Paid/F12).


Costumes are divided into general costumes and side costumes. In the costume UI, the general costume is worn on the left and the side costume is worn on the right.
Side costumes include weapon costumes and footprint costumes.

You can also set your desired costume in advance by pressing the [Costume Wardrobe] button and change it immediately.





You can obtain Lugerveld token items through [Recall] of your costume at the Lugerveld NPC in each town. Lugerveld  tokens can be used to purchase Royal Style Class Boxes (Random side costume obtained when used), Costume Random Boxes, and Wappen Extract Kits.