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TItle / Emblem

You can view your title and emblem by clicking the [Title/Emblem] button in the inventory window or pressing the [B] key.





A title is text displayed above your character's name, indicating their personality and granting additional abilities.





The list of titles you currently have can be viewed by selecting the title category on the left side of the title UI.
The title category displays the number of titles per category and the total number of titles possessed.


You can click on a title category to see the title configuration for that category. Titles you possess are displayed in white, and titles you do not possess are displayed in gray.
By checking the [Display] / [Ability] box in each title, you can select the title to which the text is displayed and the abilities are applied.


At the top of the title UI, you can view the currently displayed title and the title with the abilities applied.


[Title Special Effect] is a special effect that occurs when all titles in a category are gained, and additional abilities can be given.





Emblems, like titles, can be selected by checking the [Display] / [Ability] box to select a title for which text is displayed and the abilities are applied.

Each emblem has [CP], and by collecting CP, a special collection ability can be applied.