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(End) Temporary maintenance information on December 30th
(End) Temporary maintenance information on December 30th
  • 2022.12.30
  • 5267
Hello. This is Kritika Global.

We inform you about the temporary maintenance that will be held on December 30th.

  - Maintenance time: December 30 10:00~10:25 GMT / 19:00~19:25 KST
  - Check contents
    * Level 75 character balance adjustment
    * Rise of Perumago raid balance adjustment
    * Fixed an issue where some main quest progress information was incorrectly displayed
    * Fixed an issue where the translation of the Bluish Mana Weapon selection box was applied incorrectly
    * Fixed the problem that search is not normally performed when searching for essence item Auction house
    * Fixed the phenomenon that forged equipment box, blue light equipment box category search is not possible (The phenomenon that cannot be searched by name will be further modified during the next week.)
    * Fixed an issue where Essence Random Box (Rare~Myth) component items could not be traded
    * Fixed a bug where the intro was missing
    * Fixed an issue where some tooltips and essence names were not displayed

Thank you