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Game Info

Start the game
  1. Install and run
  2. Creating character
  3. Select channel
  4. Game option
  5. Operation and Interface
  6. World map
Game option
You can change the game settings by pressing [ESC] – [System Settings].
In the Settings UI, you can set the graphics, sound, game settings, recording settings, and UI settings.

[Graphics Settings]
You can change settings related to screen resolution, screen mode, and graphics performance.

[Sound Settings]
You can adjust the overall and specific volumes.

[Game Settings]
You can set the camera sensitivity, community settings, battle information display, and the duration of the legendary avatar action.

[Recording Settings]
You can change the settings for the in-game recording feature. You can select the resolution when recording.

[UI Settings]

You can adjust the damage information display, name display, and overall UI size.