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Game Info

Start the game
  1. Install and run
  2. Creating character
  3. Select channel
  4. Game option
  5. Operation and Interface
  6. World map
Install and run


[Download Guide]

Website Archive – You can download the Game Client from the Game Download Page.

Once the download is complete, you can execute the Installer and install the game.

[Recommended Specifications]
If the specifications of your PC are lower than the recommended specifications, the game may not run smoothly. Please check the specifications of your PC.

[Sign Up]
You can sign up for Hive Membership by clicking the Sign Up button on the website.
You can sign up for Hive Membership through Hive Sign Up or Google/Facebook Social Login.

[Game Execution]
Kritika Global must be launched from the website.
After signing up as a member, you can log in to the website and click the [Start Game] button to start the game.