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Game Info

  1. PvP system
  2. PvP modes
PvP system

PvP is a system that allows you to compete against other users.
You can enter PvP by pressing the [P] key in a village.









In the PvP Waiting Room, you can view the following information:

- PvP-related information (PvP level, statistics) pertaining to your current character.
- PvP waiting room list that is currently open.
- If you wish to create a waiting room, you can do so by clicking [Create Waiting Room]. When creating a waiting room, you can set the mode, map, promotion/non-promotion match, level restriction of participators, target victory score, and password, which determines the change in level.





There are 5 PvP modes.

- One-on-one: Battle with another character one on one. You’ll gain victory points when you defeat your opponent, and the character that reaches the target number of victory points first wins.

- Team Competition: Up to 3 people can form a team for the match. You’ll gain victory points when you defeat the opponent and the team reaching the target victory point first wins.

- Team Battle: Each team member participates in the match one by one. The match is played in the “winner-goes-next” method, and the team with the remaining characters at the end wins.

- Flag Battle: A PvP mode where you gain points by stealing the opponent’s flag. You can also earn points by defeating your opponent, and the first team to reach the target victory point number wins.

- Annihilation Battle: PvP mode exclusively for the Droid Factory. You’ll need to defeat the droids located in the enemy camp to win. You can gain a bonus effect by defeating a neutral droid. 


You can view the PvP mode, participating characters’ details, etc. in the waiting room.





When entering the waiting room, you can select which team you want to join. The teams are divided into the Resistance team (Red team) and the Restorationist team (Blue team). You can change your team by clicking the [Join the Resistance Team] / [Join the Restorationist Team] buttons.

If there are more than 6 participating characters, you can register on the waiting list. When there is a vacancy while on the waitlist, you’ll be able to participate in the next match.


You can watch the PvP match in progress by participating as a spectator.