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A party is a temporary gathering that works together on a stage.
When forming a party, you can view the current party members in the [Party Member Information] UI.

The following explains how to create a party:
- /invite character name
- /i character name
- /l character name
 - Right-click the character you want to invite – click [Party Invite]
In Kritika Global, there is a [Find Party] feature that allows you to recruit desired party members by selecting a specific region or stage for easier party member recruitment.

If you can't find the party you want, you can register your own party.

When registering a party, you can set the party title to be displayed, the region and stage to be performed, the difficulty level, and the limit on the number of people.

Once a party is formed, your party is displayed in yellow text in the Find Party UI. You can view the detailed information of the currently formed party by clicking the party list or clicking the [My Party] button.

A character with a crown icon in the party member list represents the party leader, and your character is displayed in yellow.

To leave the party, right-click your character in the party member status window and click the [Leave Party] button.