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A guild is a group created by people in the game. It is an essential component of the Kriritka Global community.
You can view the Guild UI by pressing the [U] key in the game.
When you open the Guild UI, a list of guilds available for characters that did not join a guild yet will be displayed.

[Guild Search/Creation UI]

You can search for a guild you want from the guild list and apply for membership.
When searching, you can view information such as guild level, guild name, guild leader, and the number of guild members.

Characters that have already joined guilds can view the information of the guilds they’ve joined.

[My Guild UI]

- Guild Information: You can view the level and experience of the current guild, the name of the guild leader character, the number of guild members, accumulated contribution, guild points, and guild coins. To leave the guild, you can do so by clicking the [Leave Guild] button.
- Guild Member List: You can view the list of guild members of the guild you are currently affiliated with. You can sort by and view their status online/offline/dormant.
- Guild Announcement: You can view the guild announcements set by the guild leader or guild manager. Guild announcements can be viewed when all guild members open the Guild UI.
- Guild Skill: You can view the currently active Guild Skill.

[Guild Boss UI]

[Guild Boss], a challenge that guild members cooperate to take on, can also be viewed in the guild UI.
The guild boss can be summoned using guild points, and if you defeat the summoned guild boss, the members can summon another guild boss with a different level after a 2-hour cooldown time. Guild bosses with a maximum level of 10 can be summoned.

The diamonds owned by the guild can be distributed to the guild members through the [Distribute] function by the guild leader. Guild-owned diamonds can be obtained through Guild Siege War Rewards.

[Guild Management UI]

In the Guild Management tab, guild leaders and guild managers can adjust guild-related settings.
You can approve or reject applicants who’ve applied to join your guild, and you can also edit the advertising text displayed when inviting guild members or searching for a guild.

The guild leader can use the [Authority Delegation] and [Guild Disbandment] features to delegate the authority of the guild leader.
The maximum level of guild skills increases as the guild level increases.