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Game Info

  1. UI
  2. Skill
  3. NPC Shop
  4. Stage
  5. K-SHOP

You can open the cash shop by pressing the [F12] key.



You can view the banner information and promotions of products currently on sale. 

You can view the products separately in each tab.

You can choose to apply Premium and purchase/extend Premium. The effect of the Premium service can be seen by putting the mouse over it.
When purchasing certain products, you can view the appearance of the product on your character in advance.

You can view the list of items in your shopping cart. The shopping cart can be registered by clicking the Shopping Cart button when purchasing an item. You can purchase all the items in the shopping cart at once by clicking the [Buy All] button. (A product can only be registered once in a shopping cart.)

You can open your product inventory where purchased items are temporarily stored. You can also confirm by pressing the [F11] key.
You can view the list of coupons obtained through the coupon items in the game.

Mileage Shop

Products that can be purchased with mileage accumulated from purchasing products are displayed.

Costume Dyeing Shop

You can change the color of your costume.

Monthly Subscription Package Shop

When purchased, you can view the monthly subscription products that can be obtained every day for a certain period.
If you purchase a monthly subscription product, you can acquire the product by clicking the Receive button.
(If you do not receive the reward, that reward will no longer be available.)