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Game Info

  1. UI
  2. Skill
  3. NPC Shop
  4. Stage
  5. K-SHOP

You can view your Skill UI by pressing [K].


In the [General Skills] tab, you can view the skill list and skill details your current character can learn. 

1. You can manage each of your two skill trees.
Skill Set 2 can be expanded using the [Skill Set Expansion Ticket] item.

2. The remaining skill points, awakening points, and skill overclock time are displayed.

Skill Point: A certain amount when each character levels up
Awakening Point: Given when characters at Lv. 50 or higher level up.

Skill Overclock: Applied after the term is charged using the [Skill Overclock] item.
When skill overclock is applied, additional skill points are given, and you can acquire a skill level higher than the level limit.

3. The basic skills the character can learn are displayed. Basic skills can be learned by all characters in each of the character classes.
(There is no basic skill/special skill division for supplementary stage characters.)

4. The special skills of the precious class the character learn are displayed.
Special skills are exclusive skills that only characters with a class change can learn.
(There is no basic skill/special skill division for supplementary stage characters.)

5. The skill details are displayed.
Skill demonstration video, skill attack power, cooldown time, skill description and characteristics, and PvP correction information are displayed.

6. You can change options when using skills.
Auto Aim All Skills: Set the area targeting skill to automatically target the enemy.
Smart Casting of All Skills: Set the skill to be used directly in the designated area without having to specify it separately.
Auto Repeated Attack Mode: Set to automatically perform general attacks/skills when you hold down the key.

7. You can get help on skill point investment.