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Kritika Global Open SNS posting event!
Kritika Global Open SNS posting event!
  • 2022.05.18
  • 9890
Post Kritika Global on your SNS!

Period: Until June 01(Wed), 2022 (Pacific Time)

Step1. Post the footage or something about Kritika Global on your Blog, Instagram, or Youtube.
Step2. Send the post link to this event link (https://forms.gle/HYzgoD5uW62NX6hQ8).

Note it!
Your post should include:
- About Kritika Global related information and image.
- And Whitepaper, C2X and KRX.
- And include Whitepaper - Coin Ecosystem and its image (https://allm.gitbook.io/kritika-global/tokenomics/coin-ecosystem)
- And these links:
  Official Discord (https://discord.gg/xVvHEwmKaZ)
  Official Twitter (https://twitter.com/KritikaGlobal)

A Quartz (5000) coupon will be given to all selected 300 people!

※ The selection of event participants will be decided after internal discussion within the team.
※ Event reward coupons will be issued through the email address you provided after the event ends.

Thank you