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Kritika Global Open EVENT! Gelam Pre-Reservation & Invite Event!
Kritika Global Open EVENT! Gelam Pre-Reservation & Invite Event!
  • 2022.05.18
  • 6301
Greetings, Adventurers!

Ahead of the opening of Kritika Global, we have prepared an event for adventurers!
We look forward to your participation!

1st EVENT! Pre-Reservation Event!

Period: Until June 07(Tue), 2022 (Pacific Time)

Step1. Connect to Gleam (below link) to Gleam

Step2. Perform the missions on the list.

Step3. Anyone who completed whole missions will get a coupon for below perks after the event end.

 - Quarts (250)
 - [Pet] Puey x1
 - Initial White Wings Class Box x1
 - Magnificent White Wings Class Box x1
 - Pit-a-pat pet random box(Mid ~ Legend) x3
 - Random Card Pack (Low~High) x5
 - One Million Gold Box x1

Please see the link below for more details!


2nd EVENT! Invite your friend to Gleam 

After complete the whole missions of 1st EVENT, a special link will be indicated on your Gleam to invite your friend.
Then invite your friend with the link and if the friend completed least one mission, your invitation is done!

100 persons who invite least one friend might receive 3000 Quartz coupon through lottery. And 5000 Quartz coupon will be granted for the 100 most invitation.

※ Quartz is a major currency for Kritika Global.
You can check more detail about Quartz in our Whitepaper(https://allm.gitbook.io/kritika-global/).

Invite your friends to take great reward!