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  6. Soul gem
Soul gem
A soul gem is a special item that can be put into equipment.




Manipulations related to soul gems can be performed by pressing the [Soul Gem Grinder] in the inventory window.









- View All: You can view the status of soul gems in your current equipment.

- Equip Soul Gem: You can equip/recollect soul gems by registering desired equipment items. You can also open a soul gem slot of an item that does not have one open. A certain amount of gold is consumed when opening a soul gem slot/recollecting a soul gem. 






 - Soul Gem Crafting: If you collect 5 soul gems, you can combine them into a soul gem of the next level. A certain amount of gold is consumed when crafting.






- Soul Gem Synthesis: You can obtain a random soul gem of the same level by consuming 2 soul gems of the same level. A certain amount of gold is consumed for synthesis. If you use [Soul Gem Result Selection] when synthesizing soul gems, you can select and acquire the soul gem you want. The consumption increases depending on the level of the synthesized soul gems used for soul gem result selection.






If you equip soul gems of a certain level or higher in all parts, you can receive a soul gem set effect. You can also check the equipped effect and set effect of the soul gem in the Soul Gem Grinder UI.