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Today's task

Today's task is one of two common ways to earn Quartz in Kritika Global.
Today's task becomes active at Lv. 15, and you can view it by pressing the [J] key in the game.





1.     Daily

Daily missions are missions that can be performed repeatedly every day and are the main way to obtain Quartz.

Daily missions are reset every day at 6 o’clock, and the number of available missions increases as your combat power increases. If you have not met the conditions for a mission, you can view the mission activation conditions by hovering your mouse over the mission.






When you complete each day’s tasks, the Receive Reward button will become active. When you acquire the reward, the item you acquire can be used to get Quartz. Right-click the acquired item in the inventory window to acquire Quartz.

You can view the Quartz you have acquired in the Goods section at the bottom of the inventory window. 


[Daily Accomplishment] is accumulated when you receive your daily task mission reward. If you complete 5 or more daily missions, your weekly achievement increases by 1. You can receive a weekly reward when the weekly achievement becomes 7.

Weekly rewards reset every Monday at 6 o’clock.

When you sign up for [Premium Service], you can receive additional daily/weekly mission rewards. Rewards marked with the premium service icon can be acquired additionally when subscribing to the premium service. 






If you did not get 7 weekly achievements in a given week, you can perform additional missions through [Reset Mission].

You can reset your mission only twice per week, and you’ll need two 100 quartz items to use this feature.

You can also receive all the rewards for the completed missions at once by clicking the [Receive All Rewards] button. 






The daily mission list is shown below. Upon completion of all the daily missions, you can receive a basic reward [Quartz (10)] / premium reward [Quartz (10)].


Combat Power Condition

Basic Condition

Defeat XXX monsters on certain levels


Lv. 15 or higher

Clear n stages of certain levels


Lv. 15 or higher

[Arena] Enter the Challenge and Hardship Tower stage


Lv. 70 or higher

[Parallel Labyrinth] Clear the Parallel Labyrinth or the Parallel Labyrinth of Chaos stage 1 time


Lv. 70 or higher

[Supplementary Stage] Clear Haunted Spellfurnace stage 2 times

110,000 or higher

Lv. 70 or higher

[Combat] Clear Combat stage 10 times

150,000 or higher

[Supplementary Stage] Clear Twilight Leon Black Market 2 times

250,000 or higher

[Supplementary Stage] Clear Memory of Seizure: Arcadia Security Building-1 stage 2 times

400,000 or higher

[Supplementary Stage] Clear Twilight Steelbone Shipyard stage 2 times

600,000 or higher

[Supplementary Stage] Clear Stragger's Camp stage 2 times

800,000 or higher

[Event] Clear Memory of Combat: The Awaken Dragon stage 1 time

1,000,000 or higher

* Defeat XXX monsters on certain levels: The number of monsters in this condition is randomly determined.
* Clear n stages of certain levels: The number of stages of the condition is randomly determined.


Goal achievement is a one-time mission that can only be performed once per character and can be completed when certain conditions are met. You can view it by clicking the [Goal Achievement] tab of Today’s Task, and you can receive the set reward by clicking [Receive Reward].

Likewise, [Daily Achievement] is accumulated when the goal is achieved and the reward is received. However, since it is a mission that cannot be performed repeatedly, the achievement rate can be increased only once.

Accomplishing the goal will give you various items helpful to playing the game, such as gold, enhancement gems, fuses, etc.