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Guidance System
  1. Guidance System
Guidance System

Guidance is an in-game guide available at Lv. 70 and provides convenient features such as displaying recommended equipment based on what you currently have, how to use the system, and shortcuts to the UI.



The main equipment is divided into weapons, hair, tops, bottoms, gloves, shoes, necklaces, earrings, and rings. Stages are recommended according to the character's combat power and the equipment currently worn.
In detail, you can view information on the current equipment and higher levels, recommended stages, and main items that can be obtained from those stages.

Supplementary equipment is divided into Artifact, Catalapis, and Talisman. Special equipment is divided into dice, belts, and waist accessories. As in the main equipment tab, recommended stages are presented according to your character's combat power and equipment.

In the System tab, you can view the main features used by Kritika Global.
If you select each content, you can use functions such as the introduction of related functions, representative stages for content use, and UI shortcuts through details.

You can collect and view the contents that can increase the character's combat power through the collection. The details can be seen by selecting each content, or the corresponding UI shortcut can be used instead.

Raids allow you to acquire higher-level equipment from Kritika Global. By selecting the name of each stage, you can view the details such as the required combat power of the stage, entry restrictions, number of entries, and main items that can be acquired.

In the Content tab, you can view the main contents of Kritika Global. You can view important content and details such as Arenas, Guild Bosses, PvP, PvP Tournaments, etc. The related UI could also be viewed.