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Game Features

Kritika Global is a game that has redesigned the existing super-action MORPG “Kritika” with P2E and blockchain technology.

It is based on the previous MORPG genre, but with a completely new approach that moves closer to tokenomics.


Early online RPGs built transaction-based economies based on large user bases.

However, the reality of many of the current online RPGs is that the goods acquired by the users who pay costs, time, and effort cannot be transacted for reasons of the management of the game company.

Kritika Global is designed to overcome this situation and preserve asset value by allowing users to obtain rewards for their efforts and freely purchase items with the obtained goods.



Kritika Global is a project equipped with a Play-To-Earn environment that allows you to earn through gameplay based on the C2X platform and the game performance of Kritika, which has been verified for its service from 2013 to the present.

Most of the goods acquired through the game, including Diamonds and Quartz, can be traded between users through the C2X Station; Diamonds can be exchanged for C2X, and Quartz for KRX.