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Game Info

  1. Quest
Quests are deeply related to character growth and story progression.
If you do not perform the main quests, there may be inconveniences such as stages not being licensed or content not being opened. Please complete the main quests.
Quests can be viewed/received by pressing the [F] key or clicking the mouse near the NPC marked with “!”.

[Exclamation NPC]

[Quest Acquisition List]

[Quest Acceptance]

You can view a list of accepted quests by pressing the [L] key.

[Quest List]

Quests are divided into [Main Quests], which is directly related to character growth, story progression, and content performance; [Normal Quests], where you can obtain experience, gold, and specific rewards upon completion; [Daily Quests], which can be repeated every day; and [Guide Quests], which provides useful information for playing the game.