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Create a Halloween Celebration Jack-O-Lantern!
Create a Halloween Celebration Jack-O-Lantern!
  • 2022.10.20
  • 481
Hello. This is Kritika Global.

Trick or Treat!
Soon, October 31st! Halloween is coming.

Always Halloween with monsters, witches and pumpkins!
To commemorate such Halloween, Kritika Global prepared an event to commemorate it.

'Make your own Jack-O-Lantren!' event!

Make and certify your pumpkin into the Jack-O-Lantern of your choice!
We will give out Halloween gift K-Points through a lottery!

 - Event period: After notice - until October 31, 23:59:59
 - How to participate in the event
   1. Carve the old pumpkin as you like to make the face!
   2. Write the carved pumpkin, Discord nickname, and Kritika character name and leave a photo.
   3. Please verify the photo you took on Kritika Global's official discord #2022-halloween-event channel.
 - Event rewards
   * 1st place (1 person): 10,000 K-Points
   * 2nd place (2 people): 5,000 K-Points
   * 3rd place (3 people): 2,000 K-Points
   * All other winners: 500 K-Points
 - Precautions
   * The reward for this event is only paid once per account.
   * K-Point rewards are selected and paid by the Kritika Global operation team, and even if you register a certified image, you may not be able to win the event.

We look forward to your participation.
Thank you.