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Amendments to the Terms of Service
Amendments to the Terms of Service
  • 2023.02.27
  • 6569
Hello. This is Kritika Global.

We appreciate the love and support for Kritika Global.
Please note that the Terms of Services for Kritika Global will be revised so that we may continue to provide a better game environment. 

Please check the revised contents to ensure that you do not face any inconvenience while playing the game. 

 - Revisions:
   * Changed from Allm Corporation to Com2uS Corporation
   * Details can be found at [link]

 - Effective Date:
   * March 27, 2023

Again, please make sure to read through the amended Terms of Service so that you do not encounter any inconvenience. 
We will do our best so that everyone can enjoy Kritika Global. 

Thank you.